Mahamadou Diarra
Founder and principal architect

Our vision is to be the leading architecture and interior design firm in Africa.Andtogether we innovate and transform our built environments through design excellence.MDP architecture sarl was established in April 2016 by founder and principal architect Mahamadou Diarra.

We are an architectural firm mainly focused on providing adequate design services by engaging our clients from planning to implementation. We strive to use the latest technologies and highly efficient energy design tools to provide holistic and sustainable design solutions based on climatic factors. Hence, providing, greater value to our clients in a long run by enhancing design and construction.

Our team is composed of strong and creative people including architects, engineers, interior designers, and draftsmen all fluent in the digital world. These diverse In-house disciplines provide an environment where people can learn from one another by sharing innovative ideas and expertise through collaboration.

This organization lives by a philosophy which promotes design excellence through commitment and leadership, mentoring and guidance and public advocacy and professional involvement.


To be the leading architecture and interior design firm in Africa.


Together we innovate and transform our built environments through design excellence.

Our Services

At MDP, we believe that architecture is a way of solving social, environmental, and economical issues. It plays a tremendous role in shaping our lives in so many ways. As a design practice, architecture provides us the opportunity to improve the way communities live, and work. It not only reflects our time and culture, but also shapes it. As a practice, we create settings to inspire the way we live, learn, heal, work and play.

For so long architecture has been about dictating how people should live, work, play, learn, etc. Our approach to design at MDP Architecture sarl is totally different because we value the collaborative effort between us, the end users and our valuable clients. We always strive to respond to a specific situation rather than forcing it. Designers so often take the “we know best” approach.  However, when dealing with a client like a school, the people involved often know a lot more about how their space should function than we ever could. That is why we take time to listen carefully to clients’ needs rather than dictating how we believe it should be.

MDP designs space for living and working by putting emphasis on the aesthetics, health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use. We aim at achieving innovation, quality and sustainable performance. We provide interior design services for residential, retails, offices and hospitality facilities. We work side by side with our clients to meet their needs and long-term expectations with a particular attention to details.

Sustainability is the central core of MDP Architecture sarl work since its inception. It is mainly part of our design process, and considers every stage of the project, including construction and occupancy. Our multidisciplinary team from across the globe includes dedicated Sustainability Co-ordinators and building energy saving experts.

As part of our strategy to increase Eco-efficiency, MDP Architecture sarl fosters a holistic approach to sustainable development through technological innovation. We create spaces and cities which are not just man-made systems that work well but instead, integrate and work with man and nature. Most of our works integrate a new generation of super-efficient solar panels/cladding systems that can harvest solar energy.

MDP Architecture sarl offers technical expertise that contributes to streamlined, on-time, within-budget projects. Our process includes design-quality management reviews and consultant coordination, budget management, monthly reporting, design scheduling and design-fee cash flow forecasting and trending.

MDP Architecture sarl offers fully integrated landscape services that include consultation, design, construction supervision and project management. The character and particularity of a landscape design have a significant influence on both the built environments in general and the quality of life. Outstanding landscape designs (Private/public spaces) form the foundation for healthy, vibrant communities and sustainable environments. We deliver site-specific solutions that embrace the changing and temporal nature of the landscape hence connecting people, culture, and the natural world.

How We Work

Collaboration is a guiding force at MDP, as we believe that the best results come from an ongoing dialogue between all stakeholders involved in the project. With our valuable clients as our partners, we approach each project as a unique challenge. Our practice brings together experts in architecture, interior design, engineering, Landscape architecture, sustainability, to create innovative solutions.

The design of each project is reviewed regularly, both formally and informally, under the direction of the Design Board, which is led by founder and CEO Mahamadou Diarra. The Design Board has full responsibility for design within the office.

While its involvement is important in the early, conceptual design phases, it ensures continuity and quality at every stage of a project, as well as encouraging the sharing of expertise across the project teams. The Design Board was created in the spirit of challenging and being challenged. It also plays an important role in stimulating research, as well as in arranging cross-disciplinary design workshops on various issues, such as Landscape design, interior design and sustainability.

The Partnership Board is the key decision making board of the practice, it comprises Founder and CEO MahamadouDiarra, Mariam Nakawunde and Issiaka Diarra. It is responsible for the day to day management of the practice, its strategic direction and the setting of budgets, financial reviews and forecasts.

Knowing that our responsibility as an architecture firm spans from orchestrating and coordinating the work of many disciplines during the design phases and even during the execution, to safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of the public, our approach to building design requires professional collaboration, efficiency, innovative project delivery and a strong office culture. It is based on a design process guided by a collective approach in which the users, owners and project participants (site professionals, such as planners, civil and environmental engineers, and landscape architects etc.) are all integral team members. We always strive to give a comprehensive vision in holistic problem solving to the satisfaction of our clients and the end users (Public/private).


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