RSSB Tower 3

RSSB Tower 3

The RSSB Tower 3 is a G+11 storied mixed-use building that comprises of retail, office and recreational spaces to serve the growing business community in Kigali. The levels of comfort suites to both the business and administrative markets. It is mainly a retail oriented building with a shopping mall.  It exemplifies the concept of a “city within a building.”The complex’s unique form responds directly to its prominent urban context and provides ample parking spaces below the ground level.

The development will be a significant contribution to the evolving skyline of Kigali city. The complex offers generous and unique public spaces that provide activity and open space to visitors. In line with a shared vision of the Kigali Urban Redevelopment Authority to create lively and attractive public places, protected and useful outdoor gathering spaces and sustainable urban environments, Tower 3 will set the standard for sustainable, livable developmentin Singapore for generationsto come.

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