Residential Villas

The practice first started with high end residential villas in Mali and across the border (Nigeria, Senegal and Rwanda). Our main focus is to help our clients build their dream home at minimum cost and maximum satisfaction. The end product is a collaborative effort between us and our clients.

As a practice, our designs directly contribute to quality of life by providing a sense of comfort and identity for the end users. We translate global residential trends into unique environments that fit the local culture. Our solutions incorporate iconic design concepts that have personality, and character with efficient floor plans and strategies for sustainability. Thus, by using different shapes, colours and materials, we do intend to create architectural pieces that could also serve as landmarks, not just for residential purposes.


Our office buildings are designed to reinforce the quality of work environments, increase productivity, and foster creativity and good collaboration. Our designs respect architectural context, manage complexity, show unmatched performance and seek to express the spirit of our age.


We aim at delivering projects that accommodate all guests from around the world, within a context that is culturally relevant, while also meeting the requirements of the operator and the developer. We design spaces that are comfortable, refined, unique, and provide a memorable guest experience.

MDP’s hospitality design solutions bring long-term value to owners while welcoming guests with exceptional experiences. We incorporate creative space planning ideas, proven sustainability strategies and innovations in security and technology.

Our teams have experience facilitating hospitality development by bringing together developers, investors, hotel operators and municipalities early on in the process.
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