Martins’ House in Lagos (Nigeria)

Located in Lagos, Nigeria the new dwelling is a high end modern residential villa. This was a collaborative effort between our designers and the client.

Combining discreet family accommodation with generous spaces for entertaining, the design of this house balances the constraints of the site with the alternating requirements for privacy and transparency. The surrounding neighbourhood is characterised by detached, low-rise houses set back from the road, but the house owes more to the concept of an adaptive architecture than any local style. The tropical climate is exploited in the planting of the garden, and recess in the glass windows offers protection from the sun and monsoon rains. Two under-ground water tanks (5000 m3) each were provided to harvest rain water for domestic purpose.

The double volume front entrance porch gives a sense of welcoming as you enter in the house. The house offers on the ground floora self-contain guest room and a large family suite looking out across a pool. The exterior landscape was designed to provide a setting for large events or more intimate gatherings. Within this group, the dining room is articulated as a glass pavilion, projecting into the garden. Following the traditional Oriental approach to landscape, window openings are placed to frame selected views, in which the positioning of trees has been carefully thought out.

Client:Dr. Martins O. Ovberedjo (UNICEF Representative in Botswana)

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