UK MP Residential Villas

UK MP Residential Villas

This modern residential house is an exquisite luxury villalocated on the heights of Kacyiru overlooking downtown Kigaliand offers you a truly amazing view. A long covered corridor

finished with natural stone and fully opened on either side to agarden, takes you all the way down to the main lobby on theupper ground floor. The garden you experience as you enter thehouse is planted with tropical trees creating a buffer between thenoisy street outside and the house. An open stair, located on thewright hand side of the Entrance lobby takes visitors down to acovered terrace on the lower ground floor without having themto pass through the private spaces on the upper ground floor. Tocelebrate the venue, visitors will experience a water pound with rock falling water as they take the stair down to the

lower level.In the aim of creating a strong connection between the site and the house and reinforcing the roof structure, slanted wooden beam structures are encored to rock elements as part of the water pound. All the bedrooms, located on the upper ground floor, are visually connected to the city and the beautiful gardens within the compound. They’re all naturally ventilated and fully bathed with daylight. The same concept also applies to all the rooms on the lower level.The lower ground floor features an open bar/café in line with the fitness room and the massage room communicates with a double height living room via an open terrace overlooking down the swimming pool. A private meeting room and the dining area provide support to the living space especially designed to welcome friends and business partners. The kitchen with all the accessories is accessible from the back via a stair that connects the lower level to the open car parking located on the upper level. In the aim of mixing Rwandan culture and modernity, the interior decorations of this 4 bedroom/3 bathroom villa will feature Rwanda traditional artefacts and local finishing materials made in Rwanda. An overflowing swimming pool,surrounded by a stone finished hard surface over looking down to the garden, offers spectacular city views. The amazing luxurious tropical garden located at the back,miming the Rwandan natural landscape, provides different platforms where you can relax and fully enjoy the city skyline and the calm from the natural surroundings. The house was design in such a way to provide a unique sensational vacation experience.

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